Photo Global Peace Index : what is it?

Global Peace Index : what is it?

Every individual, in every society, in every country, has his own definition of peace. Peace is hard to measure, but that's what the Global Peace Index is trying to do.

Setting the Global Peace Index

The Global Peace Index is a report that is published every year, which aims to give a classification of the most peaceful countries to countries most prone to war. This ranking is possible by quantifying the economic value of peace, human well-being and development in each country; and thus, to prove its positivity and tangibility.

Since 2016, the Global Peace Index has produced results for 163 countries and states, covering more than 99% of the Earth's population.

To determine this level, the Global Peace Index is based on three main signs:

  • The level of security and safety: this level includes the level of crime, the political climate, the level of homicides in the country, or the rate of violent crimes. 
  • The level of national and international conflict: this level refers to civil wars and their frequency and intensity in the year, but also conflicts with neighboring countries or internationally 
  • The level of militarization: this level refers to the military means of the country, its military capacity in a number of human resources, financial as well as material.

Evolution of world peace according to the Global Peace

Index In its report year after year, the Global Peace Index has shown a declining level of peace since 2015. So in one year, 81 countries have seen their pacifism rate increase, compared to 79 countries that have seen a plummet. Especially at the level of conflict and at the level of security and safety, the drop in grades has dropped dramatically worldwide. And even though the level of militarization has improved, it is still too little to offset the falls.

Establish peace in a sustainable way for all

The Global Peace Index may be considered as just a set of numbers and statistics, however, it is a single purpose ranking: to keep and improve peace for countries that are stable and peaceful, and restore it for countries more prone to war and conflict. And for that, it takes the investment of all because "peace is waiting for us to find it" as Prem Rawat said.

Peace is something that starts from every individual in every household. We must bring love and happiness back into the family and bring back the interest in others; benevolence in class, teaching a harmonious form of happiness that can be shared by all is also another means to achieve peace. Happy people with inner peace, according to Prem Rawat, will spread their well-being around them and thus help to dispel problems and conflicts. You can lean more information about Prem on

By developing this way of thinking, we will see that the interest for others and the benevolence of each will give birth to peace in the minds and in society. Such kindness and interest go hand in hand with a deeper understanding of the bond between all living beings and the laws of nature. Thus, peace is the culmination of wisdom and compassion.