Photo How does Japan manage to be a safe and peaceful country?
07.03 2020

How does Japan manage to be a safe and peaceful country?

Japan is considered one of the most developed countries in economic matters, but also from our point of view. Today, the nation is a prosperous country that is also safe and where the majority of people live in peace. And it can be said that Japan has found peace and calm through its unique way of life and its way of dealing with the world for centuries.

A philosophy of life conducive to peace: the ikigai

In the Okinawa Archipelago in Japan, there is a village whose inhabitants have the highest lifespan in the world. Their common point? They all practice "Ikigai", a method based on the reason for being and the joy of living. But what is Ikigai, the thousand-year-old philosophy that punctuates the life of the Japanese? "Iki" means "life" and "gay" means "what is valuable".

In short, it is a personal quest to make us discover who we really are, to put our finger on what we love, boost our lives and give us a delicious reason to get up in the morning. The Japanese adopt this state of mind to remain optimistic and positive despite the sometimes abrupt hazards of life.

Ikigai is the fusion of four elements of life, and is defined when you have clarified these great principles: profession, passion, mission and vocation.

  • What are you good at? 
  • What do you like in life? 
  • What can you bring to the world? 
  • What makes you earn money?

Answering these four questions, with a good dose of introspection, is the stepping stone to defining one's ikigai. Each answer contributes to your happiness and allows you to find the desired fulness.

Conciliation of modernity and tradition

Japan is unquestionably a modern country, adopting new technologies in everyday life, but also a traditional country, which has rejected none of its traditions of several centuries ago. This allowed Japan not to lose its roots despite the evolution brought by the West, but especially to know where it comes from. And owning roots is a must for peace, as Prem Rawat has always said. This allows each individual to know his identity and to know himself.

That's why in Japan, traditional festivals have more place in the hearts of the inhabitants than the western festivals that are celebrated in the world. It also maintains the relations between the inhabitants. Internal conflicts are thus automatically reduced or even non-existent. For the people are bound by the land they share, but also by their own traditions and origins.

Civilized inhabitants

The rules govern the day-to-day lives of Japanese people, because respecting the rules of good conduct simplifies the workings of society and ensures that good living together is possible, even if it means giving up some individual freedom, at least one Western point of view. And this civility is inculcated from an early age. School children learn to behave well before reading or writing.

And the rules of etiquette in Japan not only makes it easy to integrate into society, but above all to develop a sense of belonging, that according to Prem Rawat, brings well-being and calm to the individual as to the whole country.