Photo The essentials for maintaining peace and security in a country
09.03 2020

The essentials for maintaining peace and security in a country

What concepts, what means would allow us to contribute to more peace, sustainably, especially in case of desire for violence? Here are three concepts that we consider indispensable for every country to have and develop: human values, the refusal of violence and reflexes of peace.

Human values

Human values are what defines and above all what makes any person better from an early age. These are, for Prem Rawat, the virtues that guide us in our daily acts of communication between human beings. This is what allows us to build relationships with others and to have a humanity that is specific to the human race.

Human values are what defines us and allows us to live together in the community. It is a key foundation of any society, and it is positive values that induce kindness, compassion and mutual support, values that everyone sees as positive. And it is precisely because those human values are shared as positive by all that they are very important for the peace and security of any country in the world.

 Because when each citizen care for his neighbor, and wants him well and especially wishes him peace, the living together is automatically easy and safe. That's why human values are so important to consider for peace.

The refusal of violence

The rejection of violence is a norm that everyone can aim for at the personal and collective level in a given community, be it at the neighborhood, national or international level. It is a position that allows you to recognize the violence, name it and point it out. This position favor non-violence, and further recognizes that: 

  • The existence of violence is accepted but no one wants to receive it or fear it 
  • Violence is only one tool among others to defend oneself or valorize oneself - to use only exceptionally, and only to defend oneself in extreme danger; in this ultimate case, the violence must be as minimal as possible 
  • Violence can be effectively disarmed by reflexes of peace, made with heart and conviction (respect, listening, dialogue, empathy, proposals ...).
  • This statement also recognizes that every person, every community
  • Has the duty to protect itself, to protect his people, its community, and every human being 
  • Has a threshold from which the violence, physical or psychological, is judged unacceptable 
  • Can do something by itself to lower this threshold in order to feel as unacceptable forms of violence hitherto trivialized.

The reflexes of peace

The reflexes of peace are tools of appeasement and resolution of conflicts which privilege the desire to calm quickly the heart of the other, before anything else, the choice to contribute oneself to the appeasement (proactive responsibility) and respect for the dignity of others, their physical and psychic integrity. The reflexes of peace can be used on any company and therefore any country.

They are situated upstream of the conflict resolution process and can complement other conflict resolution tools and methods such as those taught by Prem Rawat.